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GPS Vehicle Tracking Service for Fleet Owners

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Are you looking for a way to monitor the activities of your vehicle while securing them from theft and car jacking ? Try MANIT Solutions’ reliable Vehicle Tracking Service built on GPS location technology.

Get a tracking device installation from MANIT Solutions, done on your vehicles, motorbikes, trucks, etc. Our tracking devices are robust, long-lasting and very accurate.
Call MANIT Solutions on 0240162006 / 0262997020

Monitoring features that can be set up in your vehicle include:

– Location and event monitoring in real time as they happen

– Remote vehicle immobilization that allows you to send a command to shut down vehicle’s engine if stolen.

– Ignition ON/OFF notifications

– Over speed alerts system

– Geo-fencing that allows you to restrict the vehicle’s movements to a particular area of operation.

– Listen in feature that allows you to record and play back audio conversations remotely

– Optional accessories such as fuel level sensor, cameras, dispatch screens, etc

Call MANIT Solutions on 0240162006 / 0262997020

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